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Textile Industry

Beachwear & Lingerie

Adhesives served to the marine textile and underwear industries are very durable, UV resistant, washable and dryable.

FACHPUR® PU/Neoprane Based Solvent Adhesives
FACHCOLL® Water Based Dispersions
FACHREAPUR® PUR Hotmelt Adhesives


Special Textile Lamination

Adhesives for Special Textile lamination have high heat resistance, very good bonding,
aging and tremendous cold flexibility properties. There occurs no impairment of functioning
of the breathable membrane after bonding.

FACHREAPUR® PUR Hotmelt Adhesives


Non-Woven & Hygiene

FACHMANN A.G. Klebstoffe is dedicated to bringing customers second-to-none innovation, service and product quality. We offer adhesive solutions for various disposable hygiene applications:

• Disposable Pants
• Wipes
• Feminine Care
• Sanitary Napkins
• Panty Liners
• Maxi and Minipads
• Nursingpads and postpartum pads
• Adult Incontinence
• Protective Underwear
• Bed Pads
• Bladder Controlpads
• Household Applications
• Meat and Poultry Pads
• Cleaning Products
• Pet Care

FACHCOLL® Water Based PVA and VAE Adhesives
FACHTHERM® EVA Hotmelt Adhesives
FACHTACK® PSA Hotmelt Adhesives
FACHWELT® APAO Hotmelts (Amorphous Poly-alpha-olefin)


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