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Automotive Ind. & Subsuppliers

Automotive Industry

FACHMANN adhesive products are designed for varying production speeds, custom laminating and superior bonding to a variety of substrates.

The general applications in the automotive industry are:
• Doors
• Dash Assembly
• Trunkdecks and liners
• Seats
• Sound Deadening
• Headboards and Visors
• Trunkisolation
• Stop and signal lambs

FACHCOLL® Water-Based PVA and VAE Adhesives
FACHTHERM® EVA Hotmelt Adhesives
FACHTACK® PSA Hotmelt Adhesives
FACHWELT® APAO Hotmelts (Amorphous Poly-alpha-olefin)
FACHREAPUR® PUR Hotmelt Adhesives
FACHPUR® PU Dispersions
FACHPUR® PU Based Solvent Adhesives

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