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FACHREAPUR® Reactive PUR Polyurethane Hotmelt Adhesive

The abbreviation PUR stands for single component, humidity-reactive polyurethane hotmelts. The PUR Hot melts fulfill highest requirements regarding temperature, water, steam, detergent and solvent-resistance. PUR hotmelts are curing quickly and also have high resistance like thermoset adhesives. They do not contain any solvents. As the PUR hotmelts are cured by humidity and temperature lost, they don’t act like any other thermoplastic hotmelts.


FACHPUR® Polyurethane with two Components

Polyurethane with two components are used to bond plastics, metals and wooden parts. The two components that form these adhesives are polyol and hardener isocyanate. This mixes are formulated to adjust curing durations and resistance parameters due to the demanded desire.


FACHPUR® Polyurethane with one Component

This group of adhesives cures with air moisture and is especially used to produce sandwich panels and doors. Open time of the adhesive which can be adjusted according to the production capacity and the requirements of the customer is also affecting the press period that is a must for one component Polyurethanes.

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