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Hotmelt Adhesive

FACHTHERM® EVA(Ethylene vinly acetate) Based Hot Glues

EVA based hotmelts can be formulized by many applications. Resin has various cohesiveness, hardness and open-time properties according to its polymer and wax amounts.

Some industrial sectors using these glues are:
• Can & Carton Industry
• Furniture
• Homeappliances
• Packagingindustry
• General Assembly Sector


FACHWELT® Polyolefin Based Hot Glues (APAO)

Polyolefin based hotmelts are used generally in areas of heat resistance, fuel and acid resistance. Polyolefins are generally longer open time glues. Polyolefins are used frequently in home devices, diapers, medicine, sterile goods.


FACHWELT® Polyamide Based Hot Glues (PA)

Polyamids are preferred for fuel, solvent-resistance as well as for heat-resistance up to 150°C. They are of the strongest hotmelt glue groups. They are used in leather, house devices, furniture, automotive and filter and shoe industry.


FACHTACK® Block Copolymer Based Hot Glues (Pressure Sensitive PSA)

They are generally used because of their high elasticity at low temperature. Because it sustains its cohesiveness at lower temperatures, it is preferred at very different sectors. Some of these sectors are automotive, sterilization, home materials, furniture and conveyors.

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