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Paper & Packaging Industry

Carton/Case Seal

The FACHMANN A.G. Klebstoffe Case Sealing range of Hotmelt Adhesives offers an alternative
to taping or stapling. Hotmelt Adhesives give an enhanced appearance to the package and do not carry the risk of damaging the contents of the case as can happen with staples or tape.
Products are available for hand application and for automatic machinery.

FACHTHERM® EVA Hotmelt Adhesives
FACHCOLL® Water-Based Acrylic Adhesives
FACHTACK® PSA Hotmelt Adhesives (Pres Sure Adhesive)
FACHTACK® PSA-Water-based Adhesive
FACHWELT® APAO Hotmelts (Amorphous Poly-alpha-olefin)


Book Binding / Folder

Our Products are designed for fast and massive production speeds and high quality bonding
to a variety of paper. We either have or can formulate products to match your specific machine, signature stock and finished product requirements.

Main applications are:
• Perfect Binding Adhesives
• One Shot Perfect Binding (Spine and Side Gluing, Label adhesives)
• Two Shot Perfect Binding (Primer adhesives and cover/side glues)

Edition Binding Adhesives (Gluing-off, joint glue, back lining and tight backing adhesives,
end sheet tipping, headband adhesives, casing-in, casemaking, sewing paste and labeling)


Padding Adhesives

Collating Adhesives (Insert tipping and fugitive adhesives)

FACHPUR® PU Based Dispersions
FACHTHERM® EVA Based Hotmelt Adhesives
FACHWELT® APAO Hotmelts (Amorphous Poly-alpha-olefin)
FACHWELT-REAPUR® PUR Hotmelt Adhesives
FACHCOLL® Water Based Dispersions

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